The Accreditation Process

The TESD has been rolling out the accreditation process for a couple of years now, and we have afforded our members time within which to voluntarily apply to be accredited. There are different membership categories, and companies will be classified as either an ordinary member, or an accredited member.

New Members

New members will be afforded a year to become compliant by undergoing and passing the accreditation audit. If the company passes the audit, it becomes a member in good standing, and will be certified an accredited member. If the company fails to undergo the audit, or fails the audit, it remains an ordinary member of the TESD.

Accredited Members

Accredited member companies’ names will be published and promoted in industry publications and on various platforms and websites (MEIBC, SEIFSA, CEA and the TESD), and they will also be recommended by the Industry, which may assist companies when making applications for tenders, etc.

The Employment Services Board

The Employment Services Board, under the Employment Services Act 2014, is responsible for advising the Minister on the criteria for the registration and de-registration of private employment agencies and the implementation and enforcement of the provisions of the Employment Services Act applicable to private employment agencies. We would like the Employment Services Board to recognise the TESD’s accreditation, and to work together with us to ensure compliance in our Industry. By being a compliant, accredited member of the TESD, you would already have obtained the documentation which would be required from the Employment Services Board.


Since the TESD is an association that promotes regulation and compliance, it will be obliged to report
non-compliant member companies to the Employment Services Board, and there may be certain
consequences, which are not always under the TESD’s control, such as when a Bargaining Council
becomes involved, or if the company is de-registered by the Board. There may also be statutory penalties
imposed by the Department of Employment and Labour, or the designated agent of a Bargaining Council,
for non-compliance.

In light of the foregoing, members are strongly advised to co-operate with our auditors, and to become
accredited as soon as possible. Members are encouraged to contact the Association administration by clicking here to secure an audit appointment.

The Audit Process

The audit process provides for a Temporary Employment Service Provider to qualify for a Certificate of
Accreditation, valid for one year, and issued by the TESD. The audit is conducted at a fee of R 895,00 per hour (excluding VAT) which includes the consultation period and the drafting of the audit report, and any other time associated with the audit process. There is also a travelling cost of R4,75 per kilometer should an auditor conduct an inhouse audit.

A list of criteria will be supplied to the company prior to the audit and we request that you have the relevant information and documentation at hand in order for the audit to
run efficiently.