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The CEA (TESD) Administrator will contact you to advise you when you need to be audited for the first time, or when you need to be audited for your next accreditation certificate, when your old one is about to expire. A mutually convenient date will be agreed upon, and you will be sent a list of required information and documentation which you must have ready for when the auditor visits your premises.

Alternatively please visit the โ€œContact usโ€ page and submit a request.

A new member is given an opportunity to comply with all the accreditation criteria within their first 12 months of membershipย ย  andย ย  wouldย ย  thereforeย ย  beย ย  requiredย ย  toย ย  pay membershipย  feesย  inย  fullย  uponย  registration. ย An accredited member has successfully undergone the accreditation process and has been issued with an accreditation certificate valid for a year. The CEA (TESD) undertakes to promote and advertise all accredited members through various platforms and forums at its disposal.

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