Criteria for Accreditation

There are presently 18 criteria points for the accreditation of Temporary Employment Service Providers in our Industry. They are as follows:

  • The company’s registration document
  • Membership with the TESD
  • The registration number issued by the MEIBC in respect of Temporary Employment Services in
    terms of the Council’s Registration and Administration Expenses Agreement
  • An affidavit warranting compliance with regard to legislation and Collective Agreements
  • Correct wage rates are being paid to placed staff, and correct deductions are being made in respect
    of the MEIBC collective agreements
  • Physical business address of the Temporary Employment Service Provider
  • A list of the Temporary Employment Service Provider’s clients, which will remain confidential
    between the member and the MEIBC
  • Copies of current Main Agreement exemptions, if applicable
  • Employment contracts available for inspection
  • Letter of good standing from the Compensation Commissioner
  • Certificate of Compliance from the Unemployment Insurance Fund
  • Tax clearance certificate from SARS
  • Proof of submission of Employment Equity Reports, if applicable
  • BEE certificate or score card, if applicable
  • The registration number allocated by the Director-General of Labour and/or a certificate of
    registration in respect of section 24 of the Skills Development Act
  • The company policy on ethics must conform to the TESD code of ethics
  • The company is up to date with all contributions to MIBFA in terms of the MEIBC collective
  • Contribution to CAPES