Cosatu Intended Protest Action

Protest Action and the Labour Relations Act
Management Guidelines on Possible Absenteeism on Friday, 6 October 2023

SEIFSA recommends that management adopt the following course of action in dealing with any stay-away from work on the 6th October.

Inform all workers that any absences related to the protest action will be treated on the
following basis:

  • no work, no pay;
  • No disciplinary action for participation in the protest action but excluding any misconduct during the protest
  • Shift for leave-pay and leave enhancement pay qualification purposes will be lost in respect of the day’s absence
  • Any overtime worked during the course of the week will be paid at ordinary rates to make up for the lost ordinary working hours from Friday, 6th October 2023.

The Staff of the SEIFSA Industrial Relations
Division are available on (011) 298-9400 to provide any further advice and/ or assistance to management on the contents of this management brief. Lucio Trentini Chief Executive Officer

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