CAPES Contribution as Members

TESD member Contribution to the Confederation of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES)

Why the Contribution to CAPES?

In 2002, the need to form a unified body to engage in macro-level activities, to proactively lobby and to form associations with other stakeholders was identified, and CAPES was established. Throughout its existence, CAPES has proactively engaged, via its membership of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) and Black Business Council (BBC) at NEDLAC, to promote flexibility within the labour market. Twenty years later, the need for continuous lobbying, advocacy, and representative engagement with key stakeholders continues.

As the world of work changes and South Africa grapples with the challenge of high unemployment and skills mismatches, especially amongst youth, whilst simultaneously trying to remain globally competitive, the need for balanced labour legislation is paramount. Uncertain times, experienced starkly during the COVID-19 pandemic, have reiterated the need for businesses to remain agile, with labour flexibility key, especially as skilled individuals are also demanding increasingly diverse employment options. As proven labour market intermediaries, Private Employment Agencies (PEA) and Temporary Employment Services (TES), have an important role to play in facilitating transitions. CAPES promotes the highest levels of compliance with all applicable regulations and believes that better enforcement, rather than additional legislation, is paramount.


  • Represents more than 1200 independent staffing businesses across all major sectors through the 4 major staffing industries associations
  • Represents more than 10,000 core employees
  • Represents a daily average of over 700 000 temporary workers

Through its largest member association, APSO is affiliated to the World Employment Confederation CAPES is funded mainly in the following ways:

  • The major corporate members each contribute a significant monthly levy
  • APSO members contribute 0.1% of their payroll
  • CEA (TESD) members contribute R1 500,00 per annum to a CAPES levy and those members who are not APSO or corporate CAPES members, contribute R1 500,00 per month as an additional levy.

It is compulsory for all TESD members who do not have APSO membership or who do not contribute directly to CAPES. The minimum contribution is R1 500,00 per month, in addition to an annual amount of R1 500,00 which is included in your annual membership subscription.

Companies will be sent invoices for this amount. As the confederation for our Industry, CAPES is continuously lobbying on our behalf, we need to support them financially so that they can continue to do so.

Should you not receive the invoices, kindly advise Christa Smith of your correct contact details by clicking here. Members who choose to make the full annual payment of R18 000,00 will be receiving a 15% discount.