MEIBC – Industry Circular – Accrual of Shifts in Respect of the July Unrest

This circular applies only to employers who are members of the Employer Associations sited as
signatories to the SEIFSA Settlement Agreement; Lift Industry Collective Agreement, the PCA (SA)
Plastics Industry Collective Agreement and the SAEFA Collective Agreement, namely:

● Association Of Electric Cable Manufacturers’ of South Africa
● Constructional Engineering Association
● Cape Engineers’ and Founders’ Association
● Eastern Cape Engineering and Allied Industries Association
● Electrical Engineering and Allied Industries’ Association
● Electrical Manufacturers Association of South Africa
● Gate And Fence Association
● Handtool Manufacturers’ Association
● Iron And Steel Producers’ Association of South Africa
● Kwa-Zulu Natal Engineering Industries’ Association
● Lift Engineering Association of South Africa
● Light Engineering Industries’ Association of South Africa
● Non-Ferrous Metal Industries’ Association of South Africa
● Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Manufacturers’ and Suppliers’ Association
● South African Electro-Plating Industries’ Association
● South African Pump Manufacturers Association
● South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors’ Association
● South African Valve and Actuator Manufacturers’ Association
● South African Engineers and Founders Association (SAEFA)
• Plastic Converters Association of South Africa (PCASA)

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