The New Main Agreement 2024 – 2027

You are invited to attend our workshop unpacking the newly concluded Main Agreement. This year’s ground breaking wage negotiations were concluded in record breaking time, and signed on 13 May 2024!

The workshop includes the new method of applying the wage increases, the gazettal and extension process, plus the exemption process for wages and end of year leave enhancement pay (bonus).
This training covers the industry collective bargaining structure and processes, the new wage increases and the new minimum rates of pay, who the agreement applies to, and some key conditions of employment for employees covered by the Main Agreement, including:

The bargaining environmentThe road map to settlement i.e., the Dialogue Workshop, the Process Agreement and the Pre-Bargaining ConferenceThe wage increases and the new wage ratesThe wage and leave bonus exemption procedure, including Phase-In exemptionsThe no-strike clause and protection against plant level bargainingHousing and Industrial Policy

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The 2024-2025 Main Agreement Handbook , is now available for purchase! This comprehensive handbook provides an easy-to-read summary of the industry’s terms and conditions of employment, technical schedules, and management guidelines for dealing with various scenarios such as retrenchments, lay-off, short-time, and load shedding.

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Delegates attending the training may order the
New Main Agreement handbook and wall chart at 50% discount.