CAPES Wits Programmes: Tranche 3 CALL FOR APPLICATIONS!

CAPES is delighted to confirm that the Services SETA has agreed to release a further sixty (60) fully funded seats on the third tranche of the CAPES Wits Programme 2023. Classes are scheduled to begin in April and May 2023.

It should be noted that ANY SSETA levy-paying company is eligible to put forward a qualifying employee, but as seats are limited, a first-come first-served policy will apply. There is no limitation on size of the member company, and we strongly encourage those who are interested to make their applications ASAP.

Kick Off!

The third tranche, including a Business Management Programme (BMP) and Management Development Programme (MDP) class will begin lectures in April and May 2023. However, to meet the SSETA year-end reporting windows, all learners must be registered by 31 March 2023.  Completed applications (with all compliant documents attached) must be submitted by no later than 20 March 2023.

Those who completed the BMP in 2018 or 2019 are also eligible to apply for progression onto the MDP.

Driving Agility, Growth & Confidence

Delegates, from across the staffing industry spectrum, who have attended the programmes have shared the many benefits they’ve received through participation. The programme provides the opportunity to gain greater knowledge of the changing world of work, and to identify ways to remain relevant and profitable despite increasing competition and changing client requirements. Delegates acquire skills which translate directly onto their desks and businesses to determine ways to streamline operations, re-engage with clients and candidates, and to maximise return on investment.

Active learning, subject-matter industry experts, and a curriculum which is updated to be topical and relevant, translates to collaboration in the classroom and beyond. All class exercises and assignments are industry-specific and designed not only to assess competence (academic requirements) but also to enable implementation of learning in the business.

A detailed FAQ document is attached below which provides all the information you need to assess “fit” and to make your application.

CAPES Memo 6-2023 Third Tranche CAPES Wits Programmes Call for Applications

Wits Programme 2023 FAQ


Should you have any enquiries relating to the Programmes or registration process, please reach out to the Project team via email