COSATU Protest Action Notice: 7 October 2022

28 September 2022

COSATU Section 77(1)(d) notice in accordance with the Labour Relations Act (LRA).

According to the notice, COSATU and inter-alia all unions federated to COSATU, their membership and any other workers are at liberty to embark on protest marches and pickets on 7 October 2022.

Please note that this notice complies with the requirements of the LRA and the protest action will therefore be protected.

SEIFSA therefore recommends that management adopt the following course of action in dealing with the planned action on Friday, 7 October 2022:

  • Inform all workers that any absences related to the protest action will be treated on the following basis:
  • no-work, no-pay;
  • no disciplinary action;
  • a shift for leave pay and leave enhancement pay qualification purposes will be lost in respect of the day’s absence; and
  • any overtime worked during the course of the week will be paid at ordinary rates to make up for the lost ordinary working hours on 7 October.

Please call the Industrial Relations Division of SEIFSA on (011) 298-9400 should you wish to discuss anything to do with this matter.

COSATU Notice to NEDLAC of intention to proceed with protest action