This Rule seeks to provide a special COVID 19 sick leave benefits from the Sick Pay Fund at 50% of the remuneration for employees who are Covid-19 asymptomatic and are required to quarantine after contact with a Covid-19 positive person/s.

In such cases, the employee would need to claim illness benefits from the UIF as well as from the Sick Pay Fund. This will allow the employee time-off to self-quarantine for 10 days in order to determine whether he/she develops symptoms of Covid-19 and/or whether he/she tests positive for Covid-19.

In cases where the employee has not exhausted his/her company sick leave benefits, the first two days absence, for which no medical certificate is required, will be paid by the employer and the remaining 8 days by the Sick Pay Fund and the UIF. In cases where the employee has exhausted her/her company sick leave benefit, the SPF will pay benefits for the entire 10 days absence.  

The Process

To apply from the Special Covid-19 Sick Pay Fund benefit, the employer must submit the Sick Pay Fund Sick leave application form and in addition, must attach confirmation letters from both the employer and the employee as proof that the parties have agreed to the 10 days absence (Specimen letters are attached).

A certified copy of the member’s ID document, as well as proof of banking details (e.g. a specimen bank statement), must also be included with the application.

Duration of Special Covid-19 Rule

This Special Covid-19 Sick pay Fund Rule shall come into operation on  1  November 2020 and remain in force until 31 March 2021, but may be extended by the Sick Pay Fund Trustees depending on the Covid-19 prevailing conditions.

Author: Unknown

Credited: MIBFA