Webinar: The Employment Service Act & Pending Amendment Act – impact on Private Employment Agencies

The Employment Services Act (ESA) provides a legal framework within which Private Employment Agencies, including TES, are required to operate. This webinar focused on the current regulations that need to be complied with as well as the pending regulations that add on the issue of Foreign Nationals and Digital Platform workers. Both of these could be game changers in the TES-client relationship context and you need to be proactive and compliant.
Specific areas covered include –
• Self-regulatory structures in the Private Employment Agency and TES context
• Mandatory compliance requirements in the Private Employment Agency and TES context
• The application to for profit and not for profit Employment Agencies
• The definition of Employment Agency and who is included
• Charging fees and ethics
• Quotas for foreign nationals
• Who the employer is in respect of platform work
• The establishment of the Employment Services Board
• Critical considerations in labour law.

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