The TESD (Temporary Employment Services Division) was established in 1994 as the Labour Broking Division, and it assures compliance and credibility of its members.


The TESD provides temporary employment service providers with a stakeholder forum to regulate this specialised industry to serve the needs of their clients and to protect the rights of their candidates in a legally compliant environment.

Since 1994, the TESD has and continues to ensure the credibility and compliance of its members who provide their services to a variety of employees and employers centred in the construction industry. The TESD also supports members operating in secondary industries namely agriculture, raw materials, manufacturing, construction, and the service industry.

The objective of the TESD is to represent the interests of employers and employees.

We recognized the need for a platform where temporary employment service providers are given a voice and become part of a credible representative body in the eyes of stakeholders such as employees, clients, contractors, bargaining councils and trade unions.

The TESD strives to improve the image of labour brokering and uphold the labour ethics and laws, thereby increasing member credibility and compliance.


The Confederation of Association in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES) is an umbrella body formed in 2002. CAPES was created specifically to act as the lobbying organisation for the four primary staffing associations, who represent thousands of SME staffing businesses, and several of South Africa’s largest corporate staffing companies.  CAPES participate in various activities, all of which are vital to the future existence of the TES Industry. 


The CEA(SA) represents employers engaged in the construction engineering industry, operating in the structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, piping and project management fields. The association also has close ties to the SA Institute of Steel Construction and the SA Institute of Welding.